It’s THURSDAY Morning in the Palmetto State. Ron Paul Swipes at Graham; GOP Fundraising & Dem Debates; Myrtle Beach Madness; Woman Pets Deer, Pays For It

by The Editor on October 15, 2009

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THIS FIRST — PAUL STRIKES BACK — “Texas Republican Rep. Ron PAUL took to the cable networks today to jab back at South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey GRAHAM, who over the weekend said he would not sit back and watch the Texan ‘hijack’ the GOP with his brand of Republicanism,” reports the Wall Street Journal.  “He cited Graham’s support of TARP funds and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and ‘all the big government things’ as examples of why his supporters feel lukewarm about the GOP. … The spat was sparked during a contentious Oct. 12 town hall meeting in Greenville, S.C., when Graham engaged in verbal combat with constituents who questioned his GOP credentials and urged him to be a little more like Paul. (Click here to watch the video.)”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY — Aiken’s Vinnia Roberts is 102 years young (paging Willard), Emeril is 50 and the Hunting Island lighthouse still strong at 150!


NATIONAL LENS — TERROR COURTS — “Senate Republicans are pushing a provision aimed at blocking the Obama administration from trying in U.S. civilian courts anyone accused of plotting the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks,” according to The Hill.  “An amendment by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) would ‘prohibit the use of funds for the prosecution in Article III courts of the United States of individuals involved in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.’  Graham and others want the suspects tried instead in a military commission at the U.S. prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, raising a variety of concerns that civilian courts are ill-equipped for such high-stakes trials involving potential national security secrets.”

DO ASK & DO TELL — The Charleston City Paper’s Greg HAMBRICK writes, “Less than a week after rumors surfaced that André BAUER was gay, the professed straight guy and presumed gubernatorial candidate spent $15,000 on a telephone survey.”

ASSURED RENOMINATION — “Longtime political analyst and former political science professor at Francis Marion University Dr. Neal THIGPEN” states his reasons why he thinks Senator DEMINT’s “renomination would be almost assured.”

DEVIL IN THE DETAILS — “Fundraising totals for the financial quarter are in, and U.S. Rep. Gresham BARRETT still holds the fundraising lead over other Republican and Democratic contenders running for governor,” The State reports.  “Excluding the money candidates have transferred from other accounts, as well as loans and gifts they have given to their campaigns, Barrett, a Westminster businessman, has raised $1.3 million to date.  While Attorney General Henry MCMASTER has about $1 million on hand, about 73 percent of it was transferred from his attorney general re-election account.”

COMPETING INTERESTS — “We are extremely proud so many of Attorney General McMaster’s past contributors have given us permission to transfer their donations to his campaign for governor,” said Rob GODFREY, McMaster’s spokesman. ….  “Congressman Barrett’s conservative vision for job creation in South Carolina has struck a chord with voters and donors throughout the state,” said B.J. BOLING, Barrett’s spokesman.

COMPETING INTERESTS II — “It doesn’t matter how candidates get the money, said Bruce HAYNES, a Virginia-based political consultant who has worked on South Carolina campaigns.  It only matters that they have it to spend, he said. … Elizabeth DONEHUE disagrees. “It actually shows the level of support they’re getting from voters,” said Donahue, owner of the Columbia-based Donehue Agency. “The person who is really raising money, not taking out loans and doing transfers, is the front-runner.”

LOOSE ENDS — Bauer gets $285K – has $825K in the bank.  The Associated Press points out that the candidates have raised a combined $5 million.

DEBATE WARS — “Phil NOBLE, head of the S.C. New Democrats, and others were attempting to organize a TV debate … but, according to e-mails provided to The State, Sen. Vincent SHEHEEN of Camden, state Superintendent of Education Jim REX and Charleston attorney Mullins MCLEOD had too much to do to make the event. … ‘I got an e-mail that said the others didn’t want to debate because the others didn’t have time to prepare,’ said [Dwight] DRAKE, a Columbia attorney and former lobbyist. … But campaign officials for both McLeod and Sheheen say they declined to participate because another televised debate had already been scheduled for Nov. 3 in Orangeburg.”

INSIDER-TWEET — @PhilBaileySC Do you know who founded @SCNewDems ? @dwightdrake ‘s former boss Gov. Dick Riley.

HHI — Rep. CHALK among 14 legislators honored by state medical group

PAY TO TAX — “The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday denied claims posted this week on a Web site that it made campaign contributions to reward elected officials for approving the 1 percent sales tax for tourism promotion.” … “The lawsuit former Myrtle Beach Mayor Mark MCBRIDE filed against the city to stop it from collecting the 1 percent tourism development tax it implemented this summer will gets its first hearing in Horry County Circuit Court today.”

MOPED MAYOR — Myrtle Beach mayoral candidate’s DUI hearing postponed

Q&A — “Mike VASOVSKI, a local vying for South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District, met with a small group of citizens Wednesday to ‘learn the answers to the questions.’  The Aiken physician plans to be at Pat’s Restaurant downtown every Wednesday except Oct. 21 from 6 to 7:30 a.m. to listen to district voters and get a feel for what issues are important to them.”

DHEC DENIAL — “Without hearing any public comment Wednesday, a Senate panel all but scrapped a plan to put the governor in charge of South Carolina’s controversial environmental and health agency,” reports The State.  “DHEC ‘has worked pretty well,’ said Richland County Democrat Darrell JACKSON, who said he hasn’t heard ‘that there are serious problems with DHEC that need to be fixed’” despite “a series of stories in The State newspaper last year [that] chronicled a litany of missteps at DHEC, including failure to protect waterways from toxic pollutants and communities from mega garbage dumps.”

PARDONED — “Moments after South Carolina granted a posthumous pardon to Thomas and Meeks Griffin for a controversial murder conviction nearly 100 years ago, their great-nephew, talk show host Tom Joyner, shared the news with his 8 million daily listeners of his syndicated radio show.  The Griffin brothers were executed in 1915 for the 1913 murder of 73-year-old John Q. Lewis, a Confederate veteran in Blackstock.” (The State)

PARDON-TWEET — @annephutto Proud of my law school professor, Paul Finkelman, who helped secure the pardon of the Griffin brothers.

BOOGIE, WOOGIE, WOOGIE — The WSJ reminds: “South Carolina was the last state to use the electric chair, in 2008.”

THE PURSUIT OF AVERAGE — “South Carolina students scored near the national average in math on the only standardized test administered equally in all 50 states, according to results released today.” (Greenville News)

WATERPROOF OVERALLS — “Spartanburg-based Milliken and Co. and W.L. Gore & Associates, maker of the popular Gore-Tex fabric system, announced Tuesday they will produce a new high-tech coverall designed to protect U.S. military personnel from chemical and biological attacks.”  Also, Milliken said Wednesday it has completed an acquisition of Rebus Inc., a chemical company in Aston, Pa.

CHARLESTON Man pleads guilty to plotting to blow up Navy brig

COLUMBIASC law school hosting 4th Circuit Appeals Court

ABBEVILLE — 25 new jobs coming to Abbeville

CHARLESTON MUSC gets $28.7M in federal grants

CHARLESTON Gets National Trust Award

BLUFFTON — Town council member racks up $16K in campaign filing fines

‘GREENING BLACK AMERICA’ — “Making sure black farmers in the Southeast are included in growing crops for energy is one of the topics at South Carolina’s annual bioenergy conference,” writes The State.  “Joe JAMES, the president of Agri-Tech Producers in Columbia, moderates a discussion on the “Greening Black America.” It’s an initiative working to ensure black farmers and rural communities are part of a new economy based on renewable energy.”

REMEMBRANCE — “Curtis C. ROBINSON Sr., a 90-year-old Orangeburg native who flew combat missions as a Tuskegee Airman, died Monday.”

BIG TIME — “The Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon cutting at 5 p.m. on Thursday to celebrate the grand opening of the Holiday Inn at 3509 Clemson Blvd. in Anderson. The Holiday Inn-Anderson offers 115 guest rooms, 1,350 square feet of meeting space, a restaurant, lounge and pool.”

EINSTEINS — Bar duped by bogus bills

FINALLY THIS — DON’T PET THE WILDLIFE — “A woman called a deer and tried to pet it, but the deer lowered its head and charged her instead, according to the Colorado Division of Wildlife.”

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